Stationary Printing

J15113 Stationery To You - Branding R2.indd

Letterhead  • Envelopes  • Notecards

your stationery will be seen and kept by your customers and prospects. It will definitely influence how they view your company.

The stationery you use says a lot about your business – it plays an important part in building and projecting your company’s image. High-quality stationery that displays an attention to detail will reflect well on your business.

Make sure that the business image you present is consistent in order to help create brand recognition. The various different items, such as letterhead, envelopes and business cards should match each other, and your stationery should also match your outdoor signage, your online presence, and your offline marketing material.

You should think about the following factors when designing your stationery – each will make an impression on your customers and other contacts:

  • typeface logo and overall letterhead design
  • ink colors
  • text to be included – such as address, phone number, business slogan, etc.
  • paper stock – heavier paper is more expensive but projects a high-quality image